Sydney Marriage & Relationship Counsellor for Singles and Couples

I am a Sydney marriage, couples and relationship counsellor who works with singles and couples who are experiencing relationship issues in the Sydney CBD.

I also work as an Executive Coach supporting people in their relationships in the workplace.

I find enormous fulfillment in my work with people who wish to overcome relationship difficulties. I find it particularly rewarding to see people transform their relationships and themselves in ways that they find fulfilling and personally empowering.

My journey to become a relationship counsellor

My work with couples and relationship issues has come from many years of work as a Sociologist and researcher in organisations and communities. After a Graduate degree in Sociology and teaching Social Science at the School of Architecture in Auckland I went to New York to study for a PhD in Sociology and Environmental Psychology.

While there I undertook my own therapy – personal and group relationship work. I strongly believe that this experience has been crucial in helping me develop the skills and insights I now bring to my work as a relationship Counsellor.

In New York I worked with community organisations across the City involved in housing and local economic development. I continued this work on returning to Australia in Aboriginal communities across NSW and in communities under the impact of major development projects.

Through this work I became interested and participated in weeklong workshops in a mode of work with relationships and community change called “Process Oriented Psychology” Although I had facilitated community decision making and other workshops for many years my direct work as a relationship

Therapist began with weekly group sessions with men who had been abusive to partners in their relationships. This ignited my fascination with the dynamics of people’s every day relationships and my realisation that I had skills to make a difference for people wanting to change.

My marriage counselling training

I undertook a two-year program of training in relationship counselling, completing a Graduate Diploma in Systemic Therapy. For the next five years I worked as a couples therapist and individual relationship counsellor for a large not-for-profit that focused on the provision of relationship counselling and marriage therapy services to the Australian public.

I began as a marriage and relationship counsellor and later, after specialist training, became a Clinical Supervisor where I managed a team of relationship counsellors.

It was here that I experienced a wide range of relationship and marriage issues and gained essential knowledge and experience in how to effectively work with couples and individuals who needed help with their relationships.

I also discovered I had a passion for helping people learn how to create loving and satisfying relationships. I was able to bring my previous experience of working with couples, families and communities to this work. I’ve helped countless individuals and couples who have struggled in their relationships.

This means I have specialist training in relationship and marriage issues, so you get the best possible help for your relationship.


Executive coaching and corporate relationship experience

I have trained as an Executive Coach with the Institute of Executive Coaching, where I assisted in developing the Coaching supervision program, in which I continue to work as a coaching supervisor today. My coaching experience means I can assist you in creating meaningful relationship goals and support you in making them a reality.

My work in organisation research and consulting has also continued with a position as senior consultant with the St James Ethics Centre. This work has given me insight into the relationship and ethical issues people face in corporate and public agency life.

If you are having relationship issues in your workplace, I have direct corporate experience to help you navigate this area and create a fulfilling and rewarding work-life.



PhD in Sociology and Environmental Psychology (City University of New York)

Dissertation: Conflict Between Public Agencies and Local Communities Over Urban Redevelopment: Greenwich Village, NYC

MPhil, (CUNY)

BA (Hons), Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand

Graduate Diploma in Systemic Therapy, Relationships Australia, Sydney NSW


Training in Relationship Counselling and Psychotherapy

  •  The Power of Dialogue: Constructive Conversations on Divisive Issues with Sallyann Roth
  •  Appreciating the Many Faces of Supervision, Coaching, Consultancy with Servass van Beekum
  •  Becoming an Effective Supervisor with Michael Carroll
  •  Gestalt Couple Therapy with Robert W. Resnick and Rita Resnick
  •  Devotion and Desire with Deborah Luepnitz
  •  Existential Counselling and Psychotherapy in Practice with Emmy van Deurzen
  •  Changing Self, Changing World: Existential Psychotherapy with Ernesto Spinelli
  •  The Inter-Relationship – Existential work with Relationships with Alison Strasser and Trudy Adelstein
  •  Borrowed Time: Time-Limited Existential Practice with Alison Strasser
  • Therapy Supervision Training (30 hours)
  • Coaching Supervision with Kerry Brettell
  •  Questions as a Key Intervention for change with Karl Tomm
  • Working with Irrational processes: a barrier to co-parenting with Gill Gorrell Barnes
  • Milan Systemic Therapy: theory and clinical practice with Paulo Bertrando
  • Systemic Family Therapy Training
  • Certificate in Solution Focused Therapy with Michael Durrant
  • Certificate in Solution Focused Brief Therapy with Bill O’Hanlon
  • Narrative Therapy (Certificate, level 1) with Michael White
  • Narrative therapy (Certificate) with David Epston
  • Certificate of Public Conversations with Sallyann Roth
  • Conflict Resolution (Certificate) with the Conflict Resolution Network
  • An Invitational Approach to Working with Men who Have Abused with Alan Jenkins
  • Making it Fair (children who have witnessed abuse) with Alan Jenkins
  • Process Oriented Psychology (Process Work) with Arnold Mindell and Max Schupbach

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Peter Melser, PhD

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